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Tur-a-dex Data Series 3000 | Series 4000 Low Production: Tur-a-dex indexing system gives the versatility of many passes for numerous operations at one station. For example, the four-sided Tur-a-dex gives four passes in any one face or multiple operations on the same center, such as drilling, chamfering, reaming, and tapping. Tur-a-dex's rugged construction, high accuracy, and competitive pricing is an effective approach to meeting your low production requirements.

Medium to High Production: Tur-a-dex eliminates the need for added stations on production equipment. Also, the turret can index to preset positions to handle a variety of part families being machined simultaneously. Tur-a-dex indexes 2 through 8 positions with impressive speed, performing the work of many stations while saving space. Our single station Tur-a-dex machine concept combines 2-8 work stations into on work station.

The rotary index table allows multiple part face machining. The double end Tur-a-dex machine concept permits the machining of two part faces simultaneously and converts a two station into a 4 to16 station machine. The Tur-a-dex machine concept married with a machining center combines versatility with increased production. A transfer machine equipped with Tur-a-dex stations allows for a shorter transfer machine and a more efficient use use of work station.